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Urban Fantasies by Marlon Mccaulsky


You can order URBAN FANTASY ebooks by Marlon McCaulsky today at Barnes&Noble, Amazon or local urban book stores. 


Blush is a collection of great erotic fiction written by Marlon McCaulsky an author known for pushing the limits of urban fiction and erotica that explored unique situations. Blush is a series of sexy short stories that will turn you on. From a Nympho who’s a Specialist in turning men out to a sexually frustrated wife who decides to explore her freaky side with a close friend. 
The stories are unique and creative.

Bad Girl

What makes a woman a bad girl? Stephanie has been unhappily married to Craig for years coexisting only for the sake of their son. Feeling trapped in a loveless marriage leaves her sexually starved for affection. She knows she’s dead wrong for cheating but does that make her a bad girl? Is she prepared to deal with the consequences of her explicit affairs?

From Vixen 2 Diva

Beata Douglas is a Harlem born girl pursuing her dreams to be rich and famous by any means necessary. With the voice of a diva and looks that can make a supermodel feel insecure Beata took the video model scene and Rap world by storm. By using sex to seduce lustful men into giving her what she wants Beata becomes the games #1 vixen. It's not until she runs into a familiar man from her past named Kane that she finds out her sex appeal isn't enough to manipulate him to get her ahead. Kane goes on to become a hip-hop mega star and leaves Beata behind humiliated.

Beata decides there's more then one way into the game and tricks her way to her own record deal on Flip Set Records and ends up being featured on Kane's number one chart topping remix. This starts a bitter war between the two music stars. The only problem is that they're attracted to each other.

Trouble for both of them comes home when Roc, Beata's ex boy friend and Kane's ex partner in crime gets out after three years in prison. Roc becomes obsessed with Beata and starts to stalk her. Roc also starts extorting Kane for millions for a crime they committed years ago that ties directly to Beata's past. But when Kane refuses to pay, thing's turn deadly as Roc comes after both of them with a vengeance. Will Beata be able stay alive long enough to enjoy her fame?

Urban Fantasies Book 1

Ms. Brand New

Nobody hate’s his baby momma Meesha as much as Alton. But the only problem is he can’t stop sleeping with her. Meesha freaky ways has got Alton coming back for more even when he knows he shouldn’t. But what happens When Alton finds real love in another woman and Meesha comes face to face with Ms. Brand New? 

Cater To You

When Raymond and his wife Jessica start to focus more on their careers, their marriage hits a rough spot. Especially when their sex life becomes lost in the shuffle. Will Raymond find comfort in the arms of his sexy co-worker Sabrina as she caters to his nasty daydreams or will he rekindle his love with Jessica in time?

Penis Phobia 

Keri loves her husband Andre with all her heart but has not been able to give him the one thing she knows he wants. Try as she might, she can’t get over her past and give Andre the love down below he’s patiently waited from her for years. When Keri finally decides to give Andre everything he wants in a freaky night of sex will she have the courage to ‘blow’ Andre’s mind or will he be left high and dry yet again?

Urban Fantasies Book 2

Lately Nadia’s boyfriend Jason has not been giving her the time and attention she’s been begging for from him. Leaving her lonely and sexually frustrated until she has a chance encounter with her new neighbor Will. Jason also has his own close encounter with a sexy new co-worker Mia. Things seem great until both couples come face to face and a shocking truth is reveal that will make you ask, do you know who you’re lovin’?

Urban Fantasies Book 3

Every woman has an inner freak but only very few women embrace it the way Tonya White does. Some may call her a whore but you can never call her unsatisfied. But can the overconfident men she chooses handle her freaky side? Come follow erotic escapades of Tonya White as she redefines the meaning of the word Nympho in her only freaky way as the Specialist.

Urban Fantasies Book 4

Cock-tail- Kimberly Carter can't get the man she loves Omari off her mind even though he's an unhappily married. Being a grown sexy woman, not only can Kimberly think like a man but go for her hers just like they do. Can a night out on the town and a few cocktails clear her mind and satisfied the craving she's be feeling inside? 

The Longest Date- Tierra has been on one bad date after another and is tired of it. After having one of the worse sexual encounters of her life she's ready to give up. But when she meets the perfect man for her will she give dating one more try?

Lovers & Friend- Alicia and Mario have been friends since college but never crossed the line. After Alicia finally breaks up with her cheating boyfriend Omar she decides to release her tension with a friend she calls BOB. When Mario comes over unexpectedly and catches her in a compromising position will it open the door to them being much more than friends?

Romance for the Streets

Some people go around looking for love in the wrong places... but what happens when love is found on the streets? Will romance be given a chance to bloom or will it fall by the wayside? Three couples let you into their hoods, their lives and their hearts.

"My Boo" by Marlon McCaulsky

There's always that one person that will always have your heart and for Larenz that girl is Felicia. They fell in love as teenagers in Harlem and despite the allure of the streets Larenz has held on to her love. But the streets won't let go so easily and when his boy Q needs him to make a run with him Larenz must choose between being loyal to a friend or the love of his life.

"By Your Side" by Ben Blaze

Dominique and Blahzay have invested three years in a tumultuous relationship. Through the arguments, lies, abuse, and baby mama drama, Dominique has often called it quits, but manages to take her man back. After one of their many breakups, Blahzay's best friend is murdered in the streets, rocking the community and devastating him. Upon seeing the pain in his eyes, Dominique vows to always stay by her man s side. That pledge gets tested when another baby mama emerges, another man comes into the picture, and Blahzay's street crimes cause a tragedy. Will Dominique bail or stand by her promise?

"For Love or Money" by K. Roland Williams

Jasmine Brooks is a woman yearning for love. She has been through the wringer with men, and along with her tight knit group of girls; Rochelle and Simone, she has all but given up trying to find the perfect man and relationship. Her mind is swayed as Jasmine finally meets someone who could potentially be her soul mate-Darius Meeks, who is sexy, considerate, mysterious, financially secure-all of the things that the other men in her life had not been. Her bright future dims as Rio, the Latino crime boss of their hood begins to desire Jasmine and give her more attention than she wants. Rio is not used to taking no for an answer and has a plan of his own for Jasmine's future. How far will Jasmine go to make sure that she doesn't lose the love of her dreams?

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