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A Dangerous Woman

Dice is a dangerous contract killer. A former Central Intelligence Agency operative thought killed in action after a mission went bad. She decided to remain that way and now works and lives off the grid using her unique skills. Dice is a professional who always finds a way do get the job done. After completing a job she meets Noah Avery a man that intrigues her mind, body, and soul. For the first time in her life she sees a future but will he accept her checkered past or her current occupation. Things become complicate for Dice when she takes a job that puts her back on the radar of the CIA. She discovers a conspiracy that leads all the way to Washington D.C. Dice is forced to make a desperate choice, save herself or save the future President of The United States of America

RELEASE DATE: Coming September 1st 2017

Behind the scenes of author Marlon McCaulsky's new novel A Dangerous Woman photoshoot. Featuring actress Kiya Jefferson as Dice a dangerous contract killer. Video director Lamont Gant. Photography by Jena Jones. The novel coming in April 2017.

Author Marlon McCaulsky, actress Kiya Jefferson and Director Lamont Gant at Studioplexxx47 in Atlanta, GA. Special thanks to these talented people for helping me bring this book to life. Photography by Jena Jones. 

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